Dailies 04.03.10

Yesterday was something of a loss. Not sure how I got off track. Did manage a bit of reading on my new Kindle (yay!). And small headway in the novel. Today on the latter matter I moved sideways into writing notes on the character. I’m looking at the writing as a process of discovery, and sometimes will need to step aside from the actual pages to actual reflection on the wheres and whys before stepping back into the book itself. It’s like refining and redefining on the fly.

Otherwise, other than some needed exercise, I don’t feel I did all that much yesterday. Today is up in the air. I’m not a ball of flaming energy so far.

I will spend some time memorizing the table I set up a couple of days ago for Greek.

I’d hazard that Spring is not a prime time for thinking. It wants action. That’s my excuse for the moment anyway.


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