Dailies 04.01.10

Here’s my information for memorizing the Greek alphabet.

The first column gives the order number of the letters. Including this lets you know the position of each letter e.g., theta is the eighth letter.

The Peg columns contains Lorayne’s standard peg words for memorizing numbers. These words fit a specific system in which the letters of the word tell you the number. For example, the sound of t or d always means the number one (1). It has one downstroke. Noah means (2), with two downstrokes in the letter N. But the sound is what matters, not the letter. Lorayne’s primary book, The Memory Book, details the system.

The Letter column… well, yeah.

And Phonic is the pronunciation.

The last column, Memory Key, provides the images used to make the associations. For example, alpha uses an association between tie and alfalfa e.g., you’re wearing a field of alfalfa instead of a tie, or you’re standing in a field of ties instead of alfalfa plants, or the alfalfa field is wearing a gigantic tie. Alfalfa reminds you of alpha and tie reminds you that alpha is the first letter.

Note that the Memory Keys are unique to me. You could use them or make up your own. Thetis might not work for you for theta, but I know Thetis is a Greek goddess and the mother of Achilles, so I can make an image of that.


You could go even further and work out little stories to remember the shapes of the letters, but that’s usually not necessary since you would use the letters every day in lessons. But for something like Chinese or Arabic, where the characters are completely foreign to Western eyes, such a method would be very effective.


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