Dailies 03.23.10

Tough time yesterday. Don’t know if it’s allergies or cosmic rays or haunty, ghosty things playing with me, but I was exhausted much of the day. Got nothing done after the HTML sessions.

Today was blown away when an incredible, gorgeous person from somewhere south of Massachusetts gave me a shiny new Kindle from Amazon. I have been just all agog and agoo since the mail arrived. The Kindle is gorgeous, it’s eminently readable, it’s… it’s… wait, I think I’m swooning.

Tomorrow, back to learning stuff. Today, it’s swooning all the way down.



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2 responses to “Dailies 03.23.10

  1. the chaplain

    I’ll be interested in learning what you think of the Kindle after you’ve used it a bit. I posted my review here.

  2. Ric

    I remember reading your review. I have to admit that before I got my hands on one, I would have thought I wouldn’t like it, being an old manual book guy. Tradition and all that. In fact, the Kindle was a complete surprise, a gift from an obviously astute, clever, intelligent, nice person (you listening?), and I took to it like an Italian to vowels. It surprised me. It’s easy to use, easy to read, got all these neat ways of doing stuff, and neat stuff to do. And so easy to read. And as the sender pointed out, you can eat with one hand and Kindle with the other. I’m sold. Maybe now I can stop worrying about my house collapsing from the weight of books.

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