Changes… 03.19.10

I’ve decided to change books in philosophy. The Papineau is too surveyish, and lacks depth. Instead I’m going to use Anthony Kenny’s History of Western Philosophy, starting, natch, with Ancient Philosophy. It starts in Ancient Greece and works up to the present in four volumes.

For philosophy proper, I’m going to start A. C. Grayling’s Philosophy 1. It gets into the meat of the acts of philosophy, rather than surveying history mixed with theory.

Today’s philosophy Pomodoro led me to making the change. The Papineau is too slick, slides over too much, assumes too much, doesn’t explain enough. It’s good for dipping into casually if you know something and want reminding, but otherwise I’m not happy with it. Grayling and Kenny are closer to where I think I want to go. Or where I think I think I want to go. After all it’s philosophy: one can’t be too sure of endpoints.


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