Today’s Learnings 03.17.10

Got in two Pomodoros worth of Greek today, learned some words, including doxos, which means both opinion and glory. Haven’t figured that out yet.

I’ve noticed a serious fall-off in energy at fifty minutes in a double Pomodoro. Not sure why, since up to then I have plenty of energy. I may in the beginning throes of Spring hayfever, which could explain the last couple of days physical/mental crumminess.

Carried on in the philosophy book, one Pomodoro. One of the discussions was about cause and effect, which is not as simple as I thought in my incarnation as a non-philosophical being. But the discussion provided an interesting counterpoint to a discussion in the April Discover magazine about quantum physics.

A physicist named Yakir Aharonov posits that the current and past state of the universe is determined by its future state. It’s all esoteric, but another physicist named Jeff Tollaksen designed an experiment that claims to prove the theory.

My feeling can be summed up by ‘Brain hurts!’

The experiment bounces a laser through a beam splitter and off a mirror controlled by a motor, and takes three measurements over a period of time, and takes thousands and thousands of them. Somehow, the taking of the third measurement influences the second measurement in an identifiable and measureable way.

Brain hurts!

I leave it to anyone interested to read the article and figure it out. Quantum physics is extremely weird on a normal day, but the idea of the universe reaching back from the future to change the past goes beyond normal weirdness, way beyond. And it sounds all sneaking up on intelligent designy sorts of thoughts – not a good sign.

Life goes on anyway.


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