Today’s Learnings 03.16.10

Today’s learnings comprise continuing the Greek work, reading further in the philosophy book, and continuing the HTML/CSS study (which I did some of yesterday, but somewhat haphazardly).

I anticipate today’s struggle to be more difficult due to health concerns, but often I’ve found that once I start, I get marvelously healthy for the duration of the work. Or at least I don’t completely collapse, which is what I feel like.

Updates to follow:

5 p.m.

So far, one Pomodoro in Greek.

I’m not functioning terribly well today, not the well-oiled thinking machine that gobbles up data and gets smarter. I’m oscillating between exhaustion and mildly hyper. Health is an issue.

Still gunning for HTML and philosophy.

The day’s a loss. Suffering dizziness/vertigo. Can’t really concentrate on much of anything.

Hit it again tomorrow.


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